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Future-proof with your private 5G campus network

Industry 4.0: 5G Solutions for Improved Production Processes

Our custom 5G and LTE solutions expand the possibilities of deploying your own mobile network to wirelessly connect production halls, development departments, and storage areas on industrial sites.

  • Absolute control for maximum security and flexibility.
  • Optimized performance: processing large amounts of data with low latency and high stability.
  • Versatility: automated digital tracking of stock levels, wireless updates for vehicle systems, and augmented reality for efficient quality assurance, etc.

5G for the Hospitality Industry and Campsites

New standards for connectivity and innovation in the hospitality industry with separate mobile networks for large sites.

  • Independence from public networks, guaranteeing full control.
  • Reliable coverage and fast connections with the latest mobile technology against dead spots and poor network availability.
  • Fast and stable internet connections.
  • No operational restrictions due short set-up times and easy integration of end devices.

The Future of Networking at Major Events

Cost-efficient network flexibility at large events through our advanced mobile solutions.

  • State-of-the-art, high-performance hybrid networks with the integration of private 4G, 5G, and WiFi 6.
  • Dedicated frequency range, ensuring maximum bandwidth and availability.
  • Practical features like cashless payment, ticketing, and guest WiFi.
  • Local servers and redundant systems for efficiency and security.

Details on specific use cases can be found here.

5G for Connected Logistics and Autonomous Vehicles

Our 5G and LTE solutions have made significant advances in connected logistics and the integration of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) into operational environments.

  • Optimized communication in cooperative processes.
  • Real-time data analysis to improve AGV productivity.
  • Real-time route visualization with geodata to optimize movements and increase AGV efficiency.
  • Cloud migration of data-intensive processes to increase computing power.

Details on specific use cases can be found here.

Manufacturer-Independent System Integration

We only install software and hardware that we’ve tested for interoperability and compatibility. This guarantees that all network elements and end devices approved by us can be seamlessly integrated and expanded to fulfill your specific requirements, regardless of their manufacturer.

Technology-Independent Solutions Due to 20+ Years of Networking Expertise

Our converged wireless networks enable the combination of different network technologies (5G, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.) in a single network for seamless communication.

Comprehensive Service

As a full-service partner, we support you through the entire project life cycle: from initial consultation, planning, design, and commission to actual operation and accompanying service and support.

Transparency and Information for The Optimal Solution

Only buy what you truly need. With our transparent "bottom-up" approach, we work with you to develop a targeted and sustainable strategy that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Extensive Supplier and Partner Network

Benefit from reduced delivery times thanks to our broad supplier network. Our growing partner ecosystem facilitates the provision and integration of numerous network applications, including augmented reality, geodata tracking, and more.

Always Advancing

We are technology partners in many research and development projects for a wide range of application areas, such as mining, healthcare, and public security. Our performance and services are constantly evolving to be at the cutting edge of technology.

5G offers tremendous opportunities for the mining industry. The coverage achievable with private campus networks enables powerful and stable wireless connectivity of sensors and autonomous vehicles in challenging environments for the first time.

The 5G campus network enhances operational processes. With precise machine localization and over-the-air control, logistics processes can be streamlined, operations optimized, and resources saved.

The hybrid mobile network has proven to be the key to seamless integration of digital features, such as the cashless payment system – a revolutionary technological advancement for the events industry

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