Your guest’s digital convenience

WiFi – using any device, anywhere, anytime

Nowadays, your clients expect outstanding WiFi access, regardless if they are travelling by train, plane or boat. We help you make this happen.

Connect to
your customer.

Your guest’s digital convenience

Keep your patients informed – conveniently and securely

Health care providers, including hospitals, care homes and clinics, need WiFi solutions at the highest security standards. Besides privacy, convenience is most important for patients. This should not suffer from high security standards.

Inform your clients using WiFi

With you, we will devise a solution for secure and strong internet based on mpls. Using the same set of hardware, you can operate difference segments of the network. We implement a strong and flexible infrastructure to be used both by your clients and your staff. Use of existing hardware is possible and we are happy to check if your existing infrastructure can be used.

Let your convention become an experience

We make your location even more attractive. Offer fast, secure and reliable WiFi with a flexible, adaptable infrastructure and matching services for your exhibitors and guests. Keep visitors informed on where they are, where the next talk will be held and what special offers there are, using digital signage screens.