Are you ready for digital change? – Aachen 2025

Are you ready for digital change? A question that many retailers are faced with. You are increasingly confronted with demands to implement new and innovative solutions to stay abreast of latest trends. Digital progress stimulates customers into expecting more from their shopping experience. What would a digitalisation strategy look like in terms of implementation?

In collaboration with our partner LANCOM, we present one possible vision of the future of shopping at the home interiors store Mathes. The interconnection between the online and offline world plays an important role in this concept. Mathes customers will be able to go online quickly and easily via the free WiFi connection for guests. Customers are offered a special incentive as part of the Aachen 2025 initiative. Anyone using the customer WiFi at the Mathes store will receive additional shopping discounts at the online shop of the subsidiary company design-bestseller and the online bike shop bike-components. Aside from the mobile access via smartphone, customers are additionally offered permanent terminals on the shop floor to allow some leisurely browsing of the extended online shop area. Online access is offered here for iPads and PCs as well.

Discover tomorrow’s retail world first hand at the home interiors store Mathes until 6:00 pm today. Come and have a look! We are looking forward to seeing you there.