BYOD made easy: m3connect integrates m3cast into Philips Professional TVs.

In today’s world, hotel guests expect the same level of comfort as they have in their own homes. The ability to conveniently view their own content on the hotel television has become a standard expectation. The “Bring your own device” (BYOD) concept allows guests to use their own devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops to stream content to the hotel TV, enabling them to seamlessly enjoy their favorite shows and movies even when they are on the go.

The increasing demand from hotel operators for BYOD is understandable. In the past, separate devices like Chromecast or Apple TV boxes were required for the TVs, or Chromecast dongles had to be integrated into the hotel’s server room. However, hotel operators desire a simpler and more cost-effective solution.

The Solution: Integration of m3cast into Philips Professional TVs

We have developed our m3cast solution to enable hoteliers and their guests to use streaming services regardless of the operating system. With just a single hardware component that supports all operating systems, both Apple and Android users, among others, can easily connect their devices to the in-room hotel TV and play their preferred content hassle-free.

By integrating our m3cast solution into Philips Professional TVs, we can finally offer our customers the ability to stream via BYOD using just one device, with no need for central deployments in the hotel server room or additional devices on the TV. This brings significant cost savings, improved security, and a host of other advantages:

  • Easier Integration into New Hotels: The installation of TVs and onboarding of new hotels becomes more straightforward, as all necessary settings can be easily accessed from the cloud.
  • Status Monitoring and Easy Troubleshooting: The status of the TVs and associated devices can be checked with a single click. In case of issues, remote monitoring and troubleshooting are available.
  • Fast Support: Through our close collaboration with Philips, hoteliers receive our fast and reliable support.

Highest Comfort with Added Security for Guests

Through the integration of our m3cast solution into Philips Professional TVs, guests can bring their own devices such as mobile phones and laptops and stream content from their personal devices just like they do at home. This solution ensures the highest level of security by utilizing multiple networks and isolating streaming users from each other, preventing interception of the stream by unauthorized parties.

Philips/PPDS as the Ideal Partner for Our m3cast Solution with Immediate Device Availability

Philips/PPDS has proven to be the ideal partner for the integration of our m3cast solution. They also maintain extensive inventory and high device availability, ensuring that the required devices can be promptly delivered.

We are excited about this milestone and the successful pilot projects, including B&B and TheZipper, and look forward to the promising developments that our future collaboration with Philips/PPDS will bring.