m3connect accompanies AccorInvest on the journey to the cloud

In our latest video case study, we are excited to showcase our collaboration with AccorInvest on the “Shaheen” project, which is revolutionizing the hospitality industry in terms of efficiency and sustainability. At the heart of our partnership lies the creation of a unified network infrastructure, paving the way for new cloud-based services and ensuring a faster and more reliable system across the entire AccorInvest network. With the harmonization of all systems worldwide at AccorInvest, m3connect is streamlining operations and facilitating the migration of all physical servers to the cloud, resulting in significant energy savings.

Ahmed Disokey, VP of Hotel Technology at AccorInvest, highlights the significance of our joint project: “There is no limits anymore. With Shaheen, we now have a project that gives this variety of innovation and efficiency for our hotels. And more to come, it’s just a start for thinking about tomorrow.”

We’re proud to play a role in AccorInvest’s digital transformation and thrilled to present our video case study on our joint project for the first time. In it, we provide insights into our partnership and demonstrate how ambitious goals in digital transformation and sustainability can be successfully achieved through tailored technology.