m3connect at IHTF in Barcelona: April 16-18

The International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) will open its doors in Barcelona from April 16th to 18th!The IHTF stands as a renowned hub for innovations in hotel technology, offering an unparalleled opportunity for hoteliers and innovators to connect and exchange ideas.

Our team from m3connect will also be on-site, looking forward to engaging discussions and exploring the latest challenges and opportunities in hotel technology. With over six locations worldwide, including Aachen, Sibenik, and the United Arab Emirates, we are well-equipped to support you as a partner with international expertise.

We specialize in various areas, including:

  • IT Networking: Our holistic approach ensures a tailored network solution from conception to implementation. We develop a concept tailored to your needs and handle all aspects, from setup to ongoing operations, achieving maximum efficiency and significant cost savings.
  • Technical Equipment: From suitable hardware to routers, access points, and cutting-edge TV systems, we leverage innovative technologies to develop customized solutions. Our goal is to enhance the guest experience in your hotel and streamline operational processes.
  • Cloudification and Virtualization: To ensure a secure connection to cloud applications within the network, we seamlessly integrate existing cloud applications and offer flexible and scalable solutions. Additionally, we provide the option to virtualize your applications in our own data centers.
  • Implementation of Unified IT Standards: By introducing unified IT standards into your network structure, we enhance the performance of your operations and enable efficient management and maintenance. These standards ensure consistency throughout your network concept and structure, facilitating systematic workflows and contributing to resource and cost savings.
  • Process Standardization: We are your partner in optimizing hotel processes. Our expertise includes tailored consultancy for developing suitable standards tailored to your hotel’s needs. Together, we define appropriate measures and effectively implement them across all your locations, ensuring smooth operation and long-term success.
  • Our All-in-One Solution for Guest Experience: With our specially developed solution, conn4, designed for the hotel industry, you can conveniently manage information, communication, entertainment, and marketing solutions through the conn4 dashboard. Conn4 offers a variety of services to enhance the guest experience, including guest Wi-Fi, the Guest Infotainment System, VoIP, and Digital Signage solutions. Marketing campaigns can be effortlessly created and played on all hotel-owned devices and guest devices using the integrated Content Management System (CMS).

With our expertise and extensive experience in the hotel industry, including renowned brands such as AccorInvest, B&B Hotels, Motel One, and many more, we offer tailored solutions precisely suited to the individual needs of each hotel.

We look forward to engaging with you at the IHTF, showcasing some of our successful case studies to inspire your own business and demonstrate how you can adapt your hotel to the latest trends and future-proof it.

We are excited about the opportunity for a personal conversation with you!