m3connect honored as “WLAN Top Performer“

m3connect was named “WLAN Top Performer 2020” at the 15th LANCOM Top Partner Summit. At the summit on December 15, m3connect placed among the top three of over 7,000 LANCOM partners in the WLAN category.

The fact that the Summit was held virtually for the first time due to Covid 19 restrictions did not diminish its importance. Almost 140 participants were logged into the live stream of the event. Three partners each received awards in the categories WLAN, Cloud, Network Connectivity, Switches, Security and Largest Growth. The program also included outlooks on future technology and business development.

The award confirmed the partnership between m3connect and LANCOM as two leading international technology providers from the Aachen region. m3connect has been a Platinum Partner of LANCOM Systems for many years. Emilio Dragas, Managing Director of m3connect, confirms the success of this cooperation: “We have much more in common with LANCOM than the quality of our products and services. We are both very agile companies with creative teams – a foundation for our joint success.”

It was the 15th Top Partner Summit to which LANCOM Systems, the German supplier of network infrastructure, had invited its partners. m3connect has already won several awards. The two Top Partners have become a leading duo in setting up and supporting dynamic networks in retail, hospitality, healthcare, finance, industry, services and administration.

For the IT network and security industry, the summit was much more than a status update. The main focus was on the development of new technologies and markets. It became clear that m3connect, together with LANCOM, will continue to play a leading role in the industry.