m3connect paves the way for KORIAN in the digitalization of healthcare

For KORIAN Deutschland AG, m3connect paves the way for the digitalization of healthcare. 100 KORIAN nursing homes in Germany are to be equipped with a wireless local area network and a wired network across the board by June 2021.

As a pilot project, a wireless local area network with a powerful internet connection was set up at the Betreuungszentrum Seidenhof Nettetal in less than a week. The Betreuungszentrum Seidenhof Nettetal in North Rhine-Westphalia has been converted into a quarantine centre for Covid-19 patients at the suggestion of the Viersen district even before it opened. In addition to internet access for residents, the network can also be used for the digitalization of healthcare processes to relieve nursing staff and for the use of telemedicine. Another pilot project was started at Haus Lindental in Krefeld. Here, the network was optimized so that it can also be used for future IoT technologies.

When connecting the houses, m3connect minimizes the effort through intelligent use of the existing infrastructure. LAN, coaxial and two-wire cabling are optimally used, partly also in hybrid solutions.

In addition to setting up the infrastructure in the individual houses, the houses can also be networked with each other in order to consolidate lines and save costs.

Data security is guaranteed in the shared network by a virtual separation of the user groups. Guests, residents, staff and administration communicate in separate areas for which different access paths and tariffs can be set up.

With a comprehensive rollout service and minimum effort for KORIAN, m3connect modernizes one location after the other. As soon as the head office gives the start signal, m3connect plans and implements the expansion together with the nursing home concerned and takes over the operation and monitoring of the infrastructure. In the future, KORIAN will be able to obtain information about the utilization of the sites and the response times in the event of faults at any time via the m3connect dashboard.

KORIAN is the largest care provider in Europe. In the meantime, m3connect has equipped several KORIAN Deutschland AG homes with a future-proof infrastructure network. According to the Nursing Staff Strengthening Act, digital measures to relieve the burden on nursing staff will be subsidized by up to 40% of the total expenditure until the end of 2021.