m3connect to partner with Vodafone in a new project

Partnering with Vodafone, m3connect operates the WiFi installations on all boats of the Bavarian Lakes Waterway as an offer for the passengers and the ship’s crew. Now you can surf the internet or immediately send souvenir photos and selfies all over the world while on board. The ships are equipped with LTE routers, that connect to Vodafone LTE transmission towers on land. Internet access is free on board.

The project “WiFi on Bavarian Lakes” is part of the digitization plans in Bavaria: “Broadband Expansion, BayernPortal, BayerLabs and The Initiativ Free WiFi in Bavaria are the pillars of digitization in rural areas” said Markus Söder, Minister of Finance, Freistaat Bayern.

We are delighted to be able to contribute to this project.