Nursing home operator Korian: Successful completion of expansion

As a network specialist in the care sector, we have now successfully equipped all 82 planned sites for the home operator Korian. In the course of digitization in care, we set up a stable network for all locations and provided WLAN for residents and visitors. Previously, there was no WLAN infrastructure in most of the facilities. Now we have installed a total of 2,785 devices ranging from access points to routers and ensured that all locations are equipped with a stable network. Since structured cabling was often not in place, each site was considered individually and connected using LAN cabling, coaxial cabling or a mix of both, depending on the existing conditions. Once we had the network infrastructure in place, we added resident, visitor and employee networks to the homes. By separating the networks for the three groups, they can be customized to meet their respective needs for availability, speed and bandwidth.
With the new network infrastructure and the IoT-capable hardware installed for it, the foundation has been laid for further digitization steps.