The Cloud One Hamburg-Kontorhaus celebrates its opening with m3connect as IT partner

After the Motel One Group successfully established its new lifestyle brand, “The Cloud One Hotels,” as the first German hotel group in the USA, the opening of The Cloud One Hamburg-Kontorhaus marks another significant milestone. Our warmest congratulations on this success! We are proud that Motel One once again entrusted us with their IT planning expertise, allowing us to contribute to the development of this location.

For The Cloud One Hamburg-Kontorhaus, we have provided high-speed internet connections and expanded the Wi-Fi coverage comprehensively. Additionally, we have installed TVs in all 457 rooms, equipped with our customized TV portal in the corporate design of The Cloud One Hotels. The seamless use of both Wi-Fi and the TV portal is facilitated through our platform “conn4.” This ensures a stay with top-notch Wi-Fi connectivity and a diverse selection of entertainment options through the in-room TVs. Simultaneously, we have developed a network concept to ensure the highest data security. By building redundancies in critical components and implementing a backup solution, we have taken additional security measures to guarantee the stability and integrity of the system.

The Motel One Group has already achieved impressive successes with its expansion into the USA, and the opening of The Cloud One Hamburg-Kontorhaus in January is another reason for pride. The longstanding partnership and trusting collaboration mean a lot to us. We wish a successful opening and look forward to continuing to accompany and support the Motel One Group on their journey.



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